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Mack’s new Anthem is launched in New Zealand this month, with two of the new models doing a nationwide roadshow.

The Mack Evolution Tour starts in Invercargill, appropriately enough, since the first two Kiwi Anthems have been bought by the Southland-headquartered HWR Group – a longtime Mack Trucks customer.

The roadshow will take a month from the August 6 start date to work its way up the country to Whangarei (where it will wind up on September 7) – with 13 one-day stopovers at Truckstops branches along the way.

Mack Trucks NZ national sales manager Stu Wynd says that “although the Anthem was originally released in the United States in September 2017, it has been re-...

NZ Truck & Driver News - August 2021

Central Diesel Services has opened a new branch in Rotorua – the move made in conjunction with the company’s appointment as the authorised Daimler makes service and parts dealer for the Rotorua region.

The Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and FUSO representation is a natural extension of CDSL’s status as the service and parts dealer for the makes in the Tauranga area.

The new purposebuilt branch has four drive-through bays (including a full-length pit), a truck wash area, a parts warehouse and office, as well as a generous offstreet parking area for trucks and trailers awaiting service. 

Managing director Robert (Bert) Hayden and his wife and fellow director Debbie, ...

NZ Truck & Driver News - July 2021

Scania New Zealand has appointed a new, authorised Scania service dealer for the Drury area – Broshmik Trucks.

Scania NZ service director Nick Allan says maintaining Scania’s quality customer service was top of mind in signing-up Broshmik: “The appointment also supports Scania’s growth plans in the greater Auckland region. Broshmik Trucks will continue to operate from their Drury workshop.” 

Founded in 2015, the company is a family owned and operated heavy vehicle workshop. Operations manager and director Josh Rudsits says the company’s professionally-trained technicians live and breathe Scania: “A childhood passion of figuring out how things turn and exploring our pa...

NZ Truck & Driver News - July 2021

Manufacturers of heavy trucks have traditionally tried to make them quieter...but now Volvo is adding sound to some of its models!

The company has developed an acoustic alert system with unique sounds for its electric trucks, making pedestrians, cyclists and other road users aware of the approach of the otherwise near-silent vehicles.  

There will be five different sounds – one for slowing down (which sounds like wind blowing through a pipe or tube), another for idling (like a musical note) and one for reversing (a repetitive “dong” sound – though nothing near as obtrusive as the high-pitched beeping used now for reversing trucks). 

Moving forward is signal...

NZ Truck & Driver News - July 2021

There’s a new wave of activity in Europe, China and the United States in developing and testing autonomous trucks.

And don’t think that just because most photos and video of current testing clearly show humans sitting in the driver’s seat that they’ve necessarily got anything to do with controlling things. 

On many highways around the world these days they’re just there as a regulatory safety backstop...and pretty soon the artificial intelligence behind autonomous vehicles will be good enough to dispense with the human overseer, say developers.

All major truckmakers plan a driverless future for their models, with the technology generally being co-developed with ...

NZ Truck & Driver News - July 2021

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