Giti Tyres Big Test | Predictably clever

Giti Tyres Big Test
 March 2021     Mercedes-Benz Actros 5 L FHS 2663 GigaSpace 6x4   Story Dave McLeod Photos Gerald Shacklock

Giti Tyres Big Test - Predictably Clever

Let’s face it: Whether it’s life, the stockmarket….hell, even the weather, predicting the future is about as easy to do as nailing the Lotto numbers.

But these days more and more truckmakers are prepared to give it a go – trying their hand at an electronic, digital (and helpful) version of looking into a crystal ball.

And yes, even in New Zealand, truckies are getting the benefit of this future-seeing, seemingly mystical and magical thing.

Truckies like Allan Timms, who we...

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Shacman, NZ’s 18th HD truck make, launched
A new Chinese truck has been launched in New Zealand – Shacman becoming the 18th make currently offering a heavy-duty model here.Shacman Trucks NZ showed off three 440-horsepower/328 kilo...

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Driver training should play bigger role in road safety

A common topic of conversation with truck drivers and road transport operators is the poor standard of driving they witness among other road users. 

Most of the time our professional ...

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Big Time Success

When now major-league North Island logtruck company Aztec started up, there were some in the industry who didn’t give it much hope.

The thing is, the three drivers who created Aztec Forest...

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Best of Both Worlds - Greg Cochrane

Without leaving his own backyard Greg Cochrane has gone from the rock bottom of his family’s business to becoming Executive General Manager of NZ’s arm of ASX’s biggest publicly listed freight c...

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Market Weak....Fuso Strong

New Zealand’s new truck market had a weak start to 2021 – not unexpectedly in the ongoing COVID climate of uncertainty….

But FUSO, on the other hand, had a very strong January – edging out...

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Mercer’s colours in the TDM mix

The inspiration for the sharp livery on the trucks run by Franklin company TDM Construction is an interesting mix of commercial and personal influences.

A couple of the icons on the compan...

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March 2021 | Read Now
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    March 2021 | Read Now
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