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Crediflex Recently Registered - June 2022

New Zealand’s new truck market continued its record-breaking form in April. 

There were 407 new trucks (GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more) registered for the month, a 1.7% improvement on the best-ever April registration tally of 400 achieved in 2019.

April’s figures grew total sales for the first four months of the year to 1713 units, according to official NZ Transport Agency data. That’s a 31.2% increase on last year’s 1306 registrations in the same period and just 0.7% ahead of the previous record of 1700 registrations set in 2019.

The new trailer market achieved 115 registrations in April – still 31 shy of 2018’s record April performance of 146 registrations. The YTD... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - May 2022

The New Zealand truck market continues to establish new records.

The monthly total of 511 new registrations (GVM 4.5 tonnes-plus) is the best March result on record, a 1.5% increase on the 503 units achieved in March 2020.

A record monthly figure also boosts the YTD (January-March) total to 1306 units, which is the best first-quarter performance ever. The YTD total is just 0.46% up on March 2019 record levels but provides a good measure of the recovery since the initial impact of Covid-19 saw the market slump to 795 units in the first quarter of 2020.

It’s a slower start to the year for new trailer registrations, although the 140 registrations in March 2022 is a slig... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - April 2022

New truck registrations are continuing a strong beginning to 2022.

January provided a positive start and the NZTA provisional data confirms the market achieved its best February result on record.

There were 455 new trucks (with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes-plus) registered during February. It’s an impressive 41.7% increase on the 321 sales in February 2021 and also an increase of 18.8% increase on 2019 figures which had stood as the strongest February sales total on record. 

The success in the truck market was reflected in the overall new vehicle market where February sales were also the highest on record. However the market is being distorted by accelerated sales of lig... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - March 2022

New truck registrations in January tracked largely as expected, recording a stronger start to the year than in 2021, but still some way behind record numbers.

According to NZTA provisional data there were 340 trucks (with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes-plus) registered in the first month of the new year, a solid 15.2% increase on the 295 sales in January 2021. However 2019 still provides the strongest January on record for truck sales with 416 registrations.

While truck sales increased it was mixed start overall for the transport industry. Official NZ Transport Agency registration data shows that trailer registrations were down year-on-year for the start of 2022 with 86 sales being 1... ... 


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