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Late 2024 now looks to be the timeline for the long-awaited start to New Zealand trials of Hyzon heavy duty fuel cell electric trucks.

The most recent update was provided at the launch of the first cabover configuration truck powered by Hyzon’s new single stack 200kW fuel cell (FCEV) powertrain in Melbourne on March 12.

The new prime mover was unveiled at the Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Melbourne where an Australian engineering team is leading the development of the cabover version.

The company expects to deploy 200kW cabovers in Europe and 200kW conventional trucks in the U.S. later this year and the first 200kW Prime...

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Varying analysis techniques allow several commercial vehicle brands to celebrate New Zealand sales success with the new truck market achieving record volumes in 2023.

Notably Isuzu Trucks New Zealand has returned to the top spot on the sales charts (new trucks with a GVM above 3500kg), with year-end data confirming it outsold all competitors to regain the Number One position for 2023.

Isuzu enjoyed a run of 21 years of truck market leadership in New Zealand before Fuso claimed top spot in 2021 and 2022.

“It’s been a challenging few years, especially with COVID disruptions and significant pressure on the supply chain, but 2023 has proven to be a turn...

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It’s the second time up to bat in the New Zealand market for China’s JAC Motors marque with the launch of its N Series light truck range offering both diesel and battery electric powertrains.

The new distributor is trading as JAC Motors New Zealand and is backed by NZ Automotive Limited (NZAL). The new company is a subsidiary of Colonial Motor Company which is also the majority shareholder in Southpac Trucks.

The first JAC models to go on sale in New Zealand from early 2024 will be the N60ev, N75ev and N90ev electric models and the Cummins powered N60 and N90 diesel models.

The badging reflects the 6.0t, 7.5t and 9.0t GVM ratings for the EV models i...

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The new Mobile Roller Brake Test units for the Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Team still haven’t been put into service, almost two years down the road from a media launch event in February 2022.

The new MRBT machines, billed as a key component of the previous government’s “Road to Zero” road safety campaign, were designed to be moved around the country by CVST team members in specially designed trailers towed by utes.

New Zealand Truck & Driver attended the 2022 launch and reported on the non-deployment of the machines in the December 2022-January 2023 magazine. At that time police confirmed the five completed units were in storage at the CVST base in St...

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A new operating structure for National Road Carriers (NRC) is part of a wider effort to revitalise strategy and ensure the organisation is delivering the best outcomes for members.

Announcing two key moves, NRC CEO Justin Tighe-Umbers says: “NRC is moving into phase two of its transformation which is ‘investing in our people’.

“The team is key to NRC’s success and our ability to serve our members into the future,” says Justin Tighe-Umbers.

“That means getting our organisation structure, roles and processes set so we deliver our service promise to our members and service partners. Reviewing our leadership structure and investing in marketing capability a...

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