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Hyundai is gearing-up for the arrival of its first Xcient fuel cell electric trucks in New Zealand – ordering a new transportable hydrogen refuelling station to keep them running.

Hyundai NZ received $500,000 from the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund early this year, towards the cost of purchasing and deploying an initial fleet of five Xcients, to be run in “real-world daily logistics operation trials.”

With the first of the FCEV trucks scheduled to go on the road before the end of the year, it has ordered a containerised hydrogen refuelling station from Australian hydrogen fuelling specialist H2H Energy. 

Globally, the Korean automotive giant...

NZ Truck & Driver News - August 2021

Hyzon, a LEADING proponent of hydrogen fuel cell trucks, says it will build a hydrogen FCEV with a 154-tonne GCM.

The United States-based company also says it has plans for heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFCEVs) with a 1600-kilometre range….using liquid hydrogen rather than pressurised gas.

Hyzon Motors, which has said that it will start supplying its hydrogen trucks before the end of this year, says the 154t truck has attracted sales in Europe and Australia.

It expects it to be the heaviest zero-emissions truck in the world, with a peak power output of 480kW, equivalent to a 650-horsepower diesel engine.

Hyzon says it has signed a memorandum ...

NZ Truck & Driver News - August 2021

DAF is gearing-up for fourth-quarter production of an entirely new lineup of models for the European market.

The New Generation XF, XG and XG+ models promise a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency, a full suite of passive and active safety features and an enhanced level of luxury, says PACCAR’s Euro make. 

The new range will be the first to take advantage of revised European mass and dimensions regulations. As a result, the cab design picks up 160mm in front elongation to enable improved aerodynamics and safety. The XG and XG+ models also offer 330mm of extra cab length at the rear. 

The boost in fuel efficiency has been achieved by using computational fluid ...

NZ Truck & Driver News - August 2021

Isuzu is launching a new N Series range in New Zealand – giving its light-duty model a higher spec and a suite of new safety features.

The updated models will be available “from the third quarter this year,” Isuzu Trucks NZ advises.

General manager Dave Ballantyne says N Series trucks have a reputation for offering an impressive combination of clean yet powerful, fuel efficient engines, along with intelligent design – thereby delivering a comprehensive package for operators.

“They are renowned for all-round performance, driveability, comfort and reliability. Now, with the addition of an array of new safety features, the Isuzu N Series delivers on a range of ‘must hav...

NZ Truck & Driver News - August 2021

Over 280 guests attended the recent opening of Transport Repairs latest facility, located on the outskirts of Christchurch, only minutes away from the transport hubs of Hornby, Islington and Harewood. 

The complex features three full-length pits capable of servicing the longest rigs, a CoF lane, truckwash, engine steam cleaner, dialup oil pumps, an engineering workshop and a huge truck and trailer parking yard. It joins five existing Transport Repairs centres in a network extending from Invercargill to Blenheim.

The opening was also a celebration of the new facility being appointed as a Southpac Trucks servicing agent for Canterbury to complement the existing agency w...

NZ Truck & Driver News - August 2021

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