Giti Tyres Big Test

Giti Tyres Big Test
 November 2021     Kenworth T610 6x4   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - Keeping it clean

Gleaming white paint, blue and red striping, polished alloy and plenty of attention in the wash bay gives the Tranzliquid Logistics fleet a sparkling clean appearance.

And the Mt Maunganui-based operation is cleaning up in another arena – by putting the first Euro 6 compliant Cummins X15-powered Kenworth to work on New Zealand highways.

The Kenworth T610 6x4 tractor unit was delivered in April this year. Look closely and it’s id...

Giti Tyres Big Test
 October 2021     Scania R 500 A6x4NB   Story Dave McLeod & Wayne Munro Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - Class Glass Carter

This is, it’s clear, a very specialised freight operation. That much is transparently obvious. 

We are, after all, talking about glass here. Hundreds of pieces of it….in a whole range of sizes – recently made by Architectural Glass Products (AGP) at its spectacular, state-of-the-art new factory at Hautapu, near Cambridge…

And now, closing in on 3am, this fragile load is about to head off on its way to Palmerston North – f...

Giti Tyres Big Test
 September 2021     IVECO ASTRA HD9 88.52 8x8   Story John Ellegard Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - Two-stage star

Next to cutting the trees down, the biggest challenge facing a log harvesting crew is shifting the wood out of the forest in a timely fashion.

In large, nicely-laid-out corporate forests it’s maybe not such a critical issue – because permanent, well-formed roads allow your average log trucks to get right onto the skid sites, load up and soon be on their way out.

But in many smaller forests, skids and landings can be a long way fro...

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