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Old Bones...New Blood | Fleet Focus

Southland’s Herberts Transport has only been around for 28 years – and in its present form way less than that: Just three years, in fact.

And yet the foundations of the Edendale-based trucking company date back more than a century.

The current name and the incorporated commercial entity that goes with it was established in 1993, as an equal partnership between Dynes Transport and the HW Richardson Group – with Jim Dynes and the late Bill Richardson as directors. 

But the roots of the firm stretch back way before that, in the guise of WJ Herbert Ltd, whose history – if not the actual trading name – goes back to 1918.

That’s when William John (Jock) Herbert started using a horse-drawn wagon to cart whey from the little dairy factories around Edendale to the town.

The work soon expanded into other areas – and by 1923 Jock was operating as a general c...

Fleet Focus - May 2021

2m Tonnes, 100 Trucks...5 Fulltime staff | Fleet Focus

In its first year in business, log transport company Aztec shifted around 88,000 tonnes of logs.

That sounds impressive enough….until you hear that this year, the operation is aiming to cart two million tonnes! And that’s not some unrealistic flight of fantasy – not seeing as Aztec trucks shifted over 1.5m tonnes last year (and that’s even with the entire fleet parked up during the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown period).

That’s a helluva growth, given that it’s just 23 years since then Carter Holt Harvey owner-drivers Steve Segetin, Peter Phillips and Ken Angus got together and formed Aztec.

It’s another measure of their success that the Aztec fleet, just four trucks strong back in 1998, has now grown to around 100 – working all over central North Island and the top half of the island.

It’s a success that has emphatically silenced those in the industry who predic...

Fleet Focus - April 2021

Cowboys don't cry | Fleet Focus

To the New Zealand trucking industry, Jim Barker was an icon, a legend, pioneer, a visionary…and a larger-than-life character.

To truckie Daniel Mateni he was all of that….and much, much more. He was his beloved Grandad Jim. 

The founder and inspirational leader of Freight Lines, Bulk Lines, Stock Lines, plus Strait Shipping and Bluebridge Ferries, was Daniel’s role model, hero, mentor and confidant.

And when Big Jim died back in 2016, Daniel – encouraged and supported by his grandfather – had just achieved the dream of buying his first truck.

He was devastated: “Jim’s death was a big hit for me. I’d only just started going….but I was ready to give up right then and there. 

“In so many ways, the confidence in going out on my own was knowing that he would be there. Then (when he died) it was ‘what am I going to do?’ ”

That the griev...

Fleet Focus - June 2021

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