Giti Tyres Big Test | No Bull from Blake

Giti Tyres Big Test
 September 2020     DAF XF 530 AD 8x4 Space Cab   Story Dave McLeod Photos Gerald Shacklock

Giti Tyres Big Test - No bull from Bake

You get the distinct impression that if 24-year-old Helensville truckie Blake Rickaby had been doing the choosing, his new truck would be a Kenworth. Yep, maybe a K200 like the one his Mum drives.
It means that this second son in the heavily trucking-oriented Rickaby family (Dad Craig drives a Freightliner Argosy bulk tipper for Neville Brothers in Silverdale, where he’s worked for over 25 years, Mum Shiralee drives for West Auckland operator Richie...

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Aeolus Truck & Driver News

Scania buys Trucks & Trailers
Scania has made a huge move in developing its presence in New Zealand, with the purchase of the heavy commercial arm of longtime Daimler Trucks dealer Trucks & Trailers. In a “multi...

The greening of the freight task

Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand

The greening of the freight task
Over the past few months, the debate regarding the environmental performance of the transport sector has taken a back seat to the immediate challenge we have, as we try to pick up the pieces of an ...

Teletrac Navman Fleet Focus

Living Ian’s fun-loving legacy
Say that you’d like to leave loving memories behind you when you’re gone from this world….and you’ll likely not find many who’d wish otherwise. 
But saying...

Southpac Legends

Under the Radar - Peter Withington

Celebrating over a half century in engineering and the last twenty-five years of that with Williams & Wilshier, you could say that Peter Withington has seen it all. However this modest engineer w...

Recently Registered

It’s business Jim… but not as we knew it

In COVID-19 times, July’s new truck market was positive – maintaining similar registrations to the previous month.

Then again, that “new normal” was still well down on the market at the s...

NZ Transport Imaging Awards

Cleverly subtle, historically Higgins
Some fleet colour schemes are impossible to miss...they’re in your face to the max.
Others are more subtle, less spectacular at a casual glance – but incorporating some clever gra...

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