Giti Tyres Big Test

GITI Tyres Big Test
 March 2022     Iveco EuroCargo ML 160-320 4x2  

GITI Tyres Big Test - Gas and Go

Its origin is Italy, but this new Iveco EuroCargo is also the trucking equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife – poised for multi-tasking at short notice. 

In early 2021 Challenge Rockgas distributor David “Wilky” Wilkinson from Cambridge took delivery of the first 320-horsepower Iveco EuroCargo ML 160-320 to reach New Zealand. 

It wasn’t the first to go on the road. It took nearly 10 months to build the truck and a new semi-traile...

GITI Tyres Big Test
 February 2022     Scania 770 S 6x4   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - King of the Hills

Kenny Wilson reckons the hills are disappearing from  New Zealand’s highways.“Especially in the North Island – it seems like they’re taking the hills away,” he says with a grin.

Most other Kiwi truck drivers may not have noticed sudden changes in the topography. But then, they don’t have the keys to the most powerful series production truck on NZ roads!

Driving for Brett Marsh Transport, Kenny moved into a new Scania S-Ser...

Giti Tyres Big Test
 December 2021     Mack Anthem 8x4 Rigid  

GITI Tyres Big Test - New Dog, old owner

It’s no big surprise where New Zealand’s first two Mack Anthems – the very latest breed of Bulldog – have found their homes.

That is….within the HW  Richardson Group. It is, after all, a fleet that’s been running Macks for almost half a century…and which currently boasts around 240 examples of the make.

The pair of early production models, fresh from a quick (COVID-curtailed) roadshow tour, have now gone to work – one in ...

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