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Crediflex Recently Registered - December 2021

Clearly, we’re living in weird times – so it’s no surprise that New Zealand’s new truck market is also behaving a little strangely.

In October, for instance, the market seemed to find some stability – even as COVID-19 emergency levels around the country see-sawed up and down.

Truck sales for the overall market (above 4.5 tonnes GVM) were almost identical to the previous month – 477 (in October), 475 in September.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency statistics show that this was a 32.1% improvement on October 2020 (when just 361 new trucks were registered) – but only slightly down on the last “normal” (ie pre-COVID-effected) year, in 2019…when there were 480 registrations... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - October 2021

New Zealand’s new truck and trailer market came down with COVID-19 again in August – the country’s Level 4 lockdown decimating sales.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency statistics show that the overall truck market (over 4.5 tonnes GVM) plunged to just 283 new truck registrations for the month. 

That was a 34% drop on the previous month’s 429 total, and 29% down on August last year (with 399 registrations).

The trailer industry fared worse: The month saw just 75 new trailers registered – down 44% from July’s 134….and a 33% drop from August 2020’s 112.

Year to date truck registrations at the end of August stood at 3084 – still ahead of last year’s COVID-ravage... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - September 2021

New Zealand’s new truck market stayed consistent in July – the year-to-date sales at the end of the month continuing to lag 9.5% behind 2019’s benchmark.

The month saw 429 trucks with a GVM over 4.5 tonnes registered, taking the YTD total to 2801 – compared to 3096 in the last “normal” (ie pre-COVID) year.

In the trailer market, 134 July registrations carried the 2021 total to 855 – almost 16% behind 2018’s alltime best of 1017. 

In July’s overall truck market, FUSO did best with 88 registrations, compared to longtime market leader Isuzu’s 61 (and third-placed Hino’s 73).

That saw FUSO close Isuzu’s YTD lead down to 25 sales – 549 to 524. Year on year, FUS... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - February 2022

A late charge over the last two months of 2021 saw FUSO end Isuzu’s 21-year reign as the No. 1 make in New Zealand’s new truck market.

While COVID-19 lockdowns continued to negatively affect many aspects of NZ life last year, the overall vehicle market (cars, utes, SUVs AND commercial vehicles combined), hit an alltime record level, with 165,287 units sold – 3768 ahead of the previous 2018.

The heavy commercial market (trucks above 4.5 tonnes GVM) performed almost as strongly, with 5190 registrations – just 124 behind 2019’s 5314 alltime record.

During 2020 and the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, the truck market had slumped 23% to 4082 registrations.

Las... ... 


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