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Crediflex Recently Registered - February 2019

After a disappointing end to last year’s heavy truck sales, which saw New Zealand’s new truck market narrowly fall short of its best-ever year, 2019 has seen the market rebound – with a recordbreaking January.

The 416 trucks (with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes-plus) registered in the first month of the new year was a spectacular 23.1% up on the 338 sales in January 2018 – and that was the previous alltime best.

And official NZ Transport Agency registration data shows that trailer registrations in January were also at record levels – the 111 sales edging the 105 previous best total for the month, back in 2015.

The leaders in both the overall tru... ... 

Crediflex Recently Registered - June 2018

The New Zealand new truck market returned to its record-breaking form in April –rebounding after its months-long streak of new monthly alltime bests cameto an end in March.

The bounce-back saw 372 trucks with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more registered in April, according to official NZ Transport Agency data.

That was a 7.2% improvement on the 347 previous best April, from last year. It also carried the year-to-date total at the end of the first four monthsto another new alltime best – the 1557 total 6.3% up on last year’s 1465.

The trailer market was at even better levels, with the 146 registered in April setting the new benchmark, 11% and 15 registrati... ... 


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