NZTA’s $2 Million ‘clip-on’ Footbridge Wasteful And Disruptive
Posted: 25-Jan-2024 |

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the government to direct the New Zealand Transport Agency to reassess expensive projects that are overly disruptive following the commencement of construction of a clip-on footbridge in Waikanae that is set to cost almost $2 million and disrupt traffic for five months.

Commenting on the project: Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“This multi-million-dollar ‘clip-on’ has been in the works for years, and now will cause several months’ worth of traffic disruptions to one of the region’s busiest roads, inevitably steering much-needed customers away from local businesses. Given the enormous cost of the project, as well as the significant disruptions to traffic, we question whether this is really money well spent from NZTA, or just another one of its idealistic fantasy projects set to blow out in costs and delays.

“In 2009, Kāpiti Coast District Council managed to erect a fifty-metre-long stand-alone footbridge for just a few hundred thousand dollars. Instead of using that same initiative here, this ‘clip-on’ approach will cost over ten times that amount, assuming it actually stays under budget.

“NZTA is building up a depressing reputation of waste and inefficiencies. Just yesterday we saw how the agency blew through 60% of its Mt Messenger budget without a single kilometre of roading having been completed. If the new Government is serious about tightening its spending belt, it needs to demonstrate to New Zealanders that projects like these are being done efficiently and with the local community front of mind.”

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