Logbook Data Now in Fleet Map
Posted: 25-Jan-2024 |

EROAD Day logbook simplifies fatigue management by enabling drivers to capture work and rest hours via a smartphone or tablet. Now, EROAD Day Logbook Hours are also available direct from the Fleet Map to simplify job management, improve visibility of driver hours, and help to reduce the risk of non-compliance and big fines.

From the Fleet Map, when you go into driver or vehicle view, you’ll see real-time Logbook counters for each driver/vehicle displaying: Work hours remaining for the day. Work hours remaining for the week. Work hours remaining before next rest break. Time remaining until rest break is complete (when on a break). 

Logbook hours on the Fleet Map can be used to conduct spot checks, to ensure your drivers are complying with the rules. From the list view, you can quickly view vehicle status, alongside driver logbook status, e.g. vehicle is driving, and logbook is in work time. You can also filter based on status.

When driving, the counters change from grey, to yellow, to red to make it easier to spot drivers who are close to, or in violation of the work-time rules. During a rest break, the counter becomes purple and starts counting down the required rest time remaining, making it easier to distinguish between drive time and rest time.

You can also sort your list of drivers by the most or least remaining work hours for the day or week.

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