Kenworth 100 tomorrow
Posted: 02-Feb-2024 |

Kenworth 100 is happening tomorrow, Mystery Creek Hamilton and the trucks are already rolling in for the big show.

Drivers are coming from all over New Zealand for the worldwide 100 Years of Kenworth trucks celebration. Taking place at Mystery Creek Events Centre near Hamilton, this weekend, February 1-3, the event will be a local transport industry record-breaker for all the right reasons.

As a privately hosted event, KW100, is unique. Southpac Trucks have made a large investment so that loyal Kenworth owners, drivers, and enthusiasts can be part of the celebrations in some way. 

The registration database shows that there is one of every Kenworth model ever sold in New Zealand set to attend KW100. Among them are some notable highlights; three 1964 models, including the first two 848s for New Zealand Forest Products, together with the locally famous Concorde originally on the road for Mike Lambert Ltd.

A special feature of the show will be the 265 new trucks that have gone on the roads in the past five years – and 125 of these have been registered in the past 12 months. More than an amazing look, the number of new trucks on display tells the story of how Kenworth trucks have continued to evolve with the customers.

Members of the public planning to attend the Public Open Day are welcome on Saturday February 3rd from 10:30am to 4:30pm 

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