Iveco appoints new head of Australia and New Zealand operations
Posted: 18-Jan-2024 |

IVECO has appointed Glen Dyer to lead its operations in Australia and New Zealand. 

Mr Dyer began at IVECO Australia in early 2021 as Head of Sales and Product; before joining IVECO, he held executive positions in the commercial sales and financial services divisions of another prominent commercial vehicle manufacturer, working both in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

During his time with IVECO, Mr Dyer has helped IVECO ANZ successfully navigate the challenges of COVID and realign internal sales and support structures, allowing IVECO to better meet customer requirements while capitalising on emerging road transport industry trends.

As a member of IVECO’s Senior Management Team, Mr Dyer also played a role in guiding the IVECO ANZ operation towards a full importation model which has led to heightened industry uptake of the IVECO product line-up, most notably the Daily range and the more recently launched heavy-duty S-Way.  

Mr Dyer assumes the position vacated by incumbent, Michael May, who has been promoted and has relocated to Italy to oversee the development of IVECO ‘GATE’, the IVECO Group company dedicated to sustainable commercial transport. 

‘GATE’ (Green and Advanced Transport Ecosystem) is an all-inclusive pay-per-use formula for long-term rental of ‘green’ commercial vehicles designed to support customers in their transition to zero-emission mobility. 

In commenting on his appointment, Mr Dyer said he was excited at the prospect of steering IVECO ANZ into the future, especially given the rapidly changing face of the road transport industry and the opportunities this would present for the brand. 

“IVECO has gone through a profound transformation over the last few years aiming at becoming the trusted partner of its customers throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle and beyond, and the benefits of the company’s new direction are now beginning to be seen by IVECO vehicle owners,” he said.

“We’re looking to grow this momentum further by leveraging our expertise in alternative fuels and propulsion systems, and autonomous vehicle technologies, while making sure we continue to get the fundamentals such as service, parts and other aftersales functions right for customers.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for IVECO and will work hard to build on Michael May’s strong foundations, ensuring that we deliver on every level for our customers.”

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