Hammar hits 50 this year
Posted: 11-Apr-2024 |

2024 marks 50 years since Bengt-Olof Hammar developed the first Hammar Sideloader and founded Hammar in Sweden. Since then, the company has grown into a global player at the forefront of the industry, while holding fast to their Swedish roots. During the anniversary, Hammar will launch two new models – Hammar 550, the world's first Sideloader with 50 tonnes Safe Working Load, and the new flagship model Hammar 500.

Hammar Maskin AB was founded in 1974 and the first Hammarlift was built in the same year. This first unit was later nicknamed "The shark" due to its registration number HAJ 789. Haj translates as shark in Swedish. "The Shark" is now something of a legend, having travelled around both Sweden and Norway. In 2008 the Shark returned home to Hammar in Olsfors where, 50 years since manufacture, it still can be operated and lift heavy containers! The original owner of the Shark remains a loyal Hammar customer to this day and, in fact, took delivery of their most recent Hammar Sideloader in December 2023. 

"Performing the first lifts with the first Sideloader I built is one of my strongest memories during my 50-year journey with the company" says Bengt-Olof Hammar, CEO and owner. "We are proud of its history and what it says about Hammar. It demonstrates the principle we stand behind, high quality and satisfied customers".

Over the years, Hammar has had one single focus: Sideloaders. This dedicated focus has earned the company an estimated 65-70% share of the global Sideloader market. With five subsidiaries and more than 50 service stations worldwide, Hammar Sideloaders have been sold into more than 122 countries, and can today be found on all world continents, including Antarctica. Today, Hammar is focusing on further growth, and in the last 1.5 years has, in Sweden alone, invested SEK 50 million and is about to invest a further SEK 16 million.

50 years on, and the next significant development is the Hammar 550 model. It comes with a world-first 50 tonnes Safe Working Load (CE-marked) and will be the world's strongest Sideloader model. Initially developed for handling large cable drums, the design will be usable for many more applications. "The Hammar 550 is a big step forward in broadening the Sideloader market and expanding what Sideloaders are used for. “It has been developed for loads that are heavier and larger than any other Sideloader has previously been able to handle" says Bengt-Olof. The first Hammar 550 will be built in the second quarter of 2024 and will handle cable drums in the UK, with the most extreme weights at 50 tonnes.

Hammar's 50th anniversary is just the beginning of a new chapter in the company's history. "As long as the use of containers continues to increase, and companies are looking for more efficient and versatile logistics solutions, Hammar will continue to grow. We very much look forward to continuing to be the driving force in the industry, with a focus on service, innovation, quality and sustainability," says Bengt-Olof. The 50-year celebrations will last all of 2024 with more details and announcements coming throughout the year.

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