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Kev's Happy place
 October 2020    Story: Wayne Munro Photos: Gerald Shacklock

It seems perfectly understandable that, after 35 years behind the wheel, career truckie Kevin O’Brien last year took the opportunity to get out of a truck…and into the office.

Understandable….particularly since he’d been driving for the same company all that time – and he’d been carting logs into the same sawmill every working day.

Understandable….even more so because, for the past 14 years, he’d been the co-owner of the company. And the Hautapu Haulage fleet had grown to 10 trucks – a big number to be organising every day from behind the wheel of one of them.

So here we are now….and Kev’s in his happy place. Yep, back behind the wheel of one of the company’s Scanias – and loving it.

Because – logical, sensible, understandable though it may have been – the move into the office was never what Kev WANTED to be doing. Just what needed to happen….in the best interests of the business and its customers.

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