Giti Tyres Big Test


August 2020 - Giti Tyres Big Test: X-way answers the questions

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Giti Tyres Big Test - X-Way answers the questions

Figures. You've sometimes gotta be a wee bit careful with them, because they can blindside you until you dig a little deeper. Take this simple power comparison – between a 620-horsepower (462 kilowatts) R-Series Scania and this month's Giti Big Test truck, Iveco's new X-Way – rated at 570hp (425kW). 

Why the Scania comparison? Simple: An R Series was the truck replaced by the X-Way in the Lincoln-based WJ Baker fleet – delivering stock feed to a North Canterbury pig farming operation.

Straight off the stick, there's that 50hp (37kW) advantage held by the Swedish truck. The gap becomes even more marked when you compare the 3000Nm (2213 lb ft) peak torque of the 15.6 litre Scania V8 with the 2500Nm (1844 lb ft) of the 12.9-litre Iveco Cursor 13 straight six.

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Pirelli Trevor Test

We're down in the South Island, in Rangiora, just north of Christchurch, to catch up with Gary Baker's new Iveco X-Way – the new Euro 6 model for the Italian truck brand. 

We've been waiting a long time to test this truck – with holdups due to COVID-19 and other things. We even took it off our list and checked out testing North Island X-Ways instead….but they would not stack up to be as good a test as this.

This Iveco is on its regular run, carting pig food north on a 58-tonne sticker. Regular driver Wayne Lawton has loaded out of the feed supplier in Rangiora and takes the truck and trailer unit, loaded to 56 tonnes all up, to Waipara….where I take over the driving. Wayne and Gary say that it's usually loaded to 57.5t.

The climb up into the cab is via three well-placed, deep and wide steps, with good grabhandles on both sides and a wide-opening door. 

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