GITI Tyres Big Test | King of the Hills

GITI Tyres Big Test
 February 2022     Scania 770 S 6x4   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - King of the Hills

Kenny Wilson reckons the hills are disappearing from 

New Zealand’s highways.

“Especially in the North Island – it seems like they’re taking the

hills away,” he says with a grin.

Most other Kiwi truck drivers may not have noticed sudden changes in the topography. But then, they don’t have the keys to the most powerful series production truck on NZ roads!

Driving for Brett Marsh Transport, Kenny moved into...

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Aeolus Truck & Driver News

FUSO claims No. 1 spot
FUSO has ended Isuzu’s 21-year run as New Zealand’s best-selling truck – achieving a goal set five and a half years ago.When Fuso New Zealand (FNZ) was appointed the new FUSO distributor ...

Road to success a highlight of 2021

Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand

Road to success a highlight of 2021

The Christmas holiday period is always a great chance to reflect on the year that’s been: Its highs, lows, successes and challenges. 

The COVID-19 Delta rollercoaster ride was, for ma...

Teletrac Navman Fleet Focus

Modest biz is best

It’s almost a truism of any business – not just trucking fleets – that continued growth is not only important...but vital for survival.

So it’s refreshing to come across a medium-sized fle...

Southpac Legends

Barry Stamp

Te Awamutu based operator Barry Stamp has been in the transport industry for around half a century. Over the time he has successfully been at the helm of a business that introduced scores of dri...

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FUSO ends Isuzu’s run as No.1

A late charge over the last two months of 2021 saw FUSO end Isuzu’s 21-year reign as the No. 1 make in New Zealand’s new truck market.

While COVID-19 lockdowns continued to negatively affe...

NZ Transport Imaging Awards

Bold Move

There’s a new name and a bold new look signalling the transformation of one of New Zealand’s largest and longest-established transport and logistics companies. 

That’s the story behin...

NZ Truck & Driver Magazine
February 2022 | Read Now
  • NZ Truck & Driver Magazine
    February 2022 | Read Now
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