GITI Tyres Big Test
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GITI Tyres Big Test -Forest Flagship

There’s a shiny and stylish newcomer at work in the Bay of Plenty forests, and it hasn’t taken long for it to spark up a bit of conversation on the CB and bush radio.

The new flagship for the Rotorua-based Williams & Wilshier Transport fleet is a Kenworth K220 8x4 logger in 2.3m flat roof sleeper cab configuration. While the exterior changes from Kenworth’s previous K200 generation are pretty subtle, the eyes of logging truck drivers and loader operators are sharp – and the...

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Aeolus Truck & Driver News

17-litre leads Mack range upgrade
The big headlines are reserved for the 17-litre displacement and 780hp output of the new MP11 Euro 6 engine. But the Mack marque has plenty of other upgrades ready for intro...

Weathering the economic hard times

Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand

Weathering the economic hard times

The state of the economy is top of mind this month, following the delivery of the budget by the coalition government on May 30. The government says it can turn around the economy....

Teletrac Navman Fleet Focus

Teletrac Navman Fleet Focus: A Truck love story

Lots of people who love trucks reckon they were “born in a truck.” 

In 25 years of writing about trucks and truckies, I’ve never once struck someone who really did arri...

Southpac Legends

NZ’s first Kenworth Cabover

Continuing with our theme of legendary Kenworth trucks, this time we follow the journey of a 1966 K923. Not only was it NZ’s first K-Model Kenworth cabover, but it was also too wid...

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Truck and trailer sales still healthy

The New Zealand new truck market slowed slightly in May, but heavy commercial vehicle sales are faring much better than the passenger vehicle market.

NZ Transport Agency da...

Double Coin Imaging Awards

The Underbelly
Tito Transport is a small Taranaki family-owned company that started in 2015 with owners Shane Tito and Nicola Bourke purchasing an ex-Fonterra Scania. After attaching a hyd...

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    NZTD News | Posted 30-05-2024 Upcoming Overnight Closures For SH18 Upper Harbour Bridge

    Overnight maintenance work to install a moveable barrier on SH18 Upper Harbour Bridge will take place from Monday 3...

    NZTD News | Posted 30-05-2024 UPDATE: Night works and closure planned to complete improved safety barriers for State Highway 2 Petone

    New dates and times for these works have now been confirmed. Work crews will resume replacing median barriers near...

    NZTD News | Posted 30-05-2024 Volvo to launch hydrogen-powered trucks

    Volvo Trucks is developing trucks with combustion engines that run on hydrogen. On-road tests with trucks using hydrogen in...

    NZTD News | Posted 24-05-2024 Shared risk and responsibility

    The highlight for me this week was attending the Wood Transport and Logistics Conference in Rotorua. This was timely,...

    NZTD News | Posted 24-05-2024 Some relief for transport operators, as cost pressures begin to ease

    Anyone trying to read the tea leaves on our economy at the moment maybe getting a headache. 
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    NZTD News | Posted 23-05-2024 ADVERTORIAL: Road Safety Week 2024:  Fostering a Culture of Safety

    This year’s Road Safety Week (20-26 May) is all about being a road safety hero, recognising those who help...

    NZTD News | Posted 23-05-2024 Daimler’s Rizon has arisen

    Following on from the initial launch in May, RIZON, the newest brand of Daimler Truck AG has achieved full...

    NZTD News | Posted 23-05-2024 Don't Muck With a Truck - NHVR

    The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) in Australia has launched a road safety campaign. ‘Don’t #uck With A Truck’–...

    NZTD News | Posted 23-05-2024 Euro NCAP reveals details of the first ever Heavy Truck safety rating tests

    Euro NCAP has officially announced a major milestone in the development towards a Truck Safe rating scheme. This is...

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