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Braid Backs Rail
Posted on 14-Apr-2018

Don Braid, chief executive of Mainfreight, this week publicly announced his support for getting freight off roads and onto rail.

In a move that has raised a few eyebrows Braid supported the shift in focus by Phil Twyford and the coalition government, despite the loss it could cause Mainfreight. Mainfreight use rail for about $40m of business annually.

Twyford's draft Government Policy Statement on transport (GPS) puts millions more into rail and will 'reassess' Roads of National Significance projects that have ...

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Fonterra is Right to Reduce Payment Times, says Shirley
Posted on 14-Apr-2018

Road Transport Forum Chief Executive Ken Shirley acknowledges the action taken by Fonterra to reduce its payment times to small and medium suppliers and contractors.

"Fonterra's previous policy was blatantly unfair to these smaller businesses and was really just using them as a cheap form of finance," says Shirley. "It was quite an outrageous practice and we are pleased that they have dropped it."

"It is good to see Fonterra bucking the growing international trend for large companies to extend payment times. Ov...

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NZ Manufacturing on the Rise
Posted on 14-Apr-2018

A new government report has shown a stark increase in New Zealand high end manufactured products.

The report included developments in transport, logistics and machinery.

The tome of a report, Beyond Commodities: Manufacturing into the Future, was released on Tuesday by economic development minister David Parker and is the most comprehensive on New Zealand manufacturing to be published in a decade.

It was launched at the Manufacturer's Forum hosted by EMA, in association with the Manufacturer's Network and ...

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Transport Repairs Ltd Introduces the Wally Winder
Posted on 14-Apr-2018

South Island based 'Transport Repairs Limited' is just in the process of releasing the Wally Winder to the market. The strap winding device is the brainchild of a couple of Australian farmers who were sick and tired of winding straps by hand.

The Wally Winder winds a standard size cargo strap several times faster than it takes by hand. The creators also claim that it minimizes wear on straps and makes storing them safer and easier.

Transport Repairs says that the product "saves a lot of time and mess…the...

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Truck and Driver: Bryn Rees
Posted on 14-Apr-2018

Name: Bryn Rees
Age: 42
Location: Hamilton
Time in Road Transport: Since I was 18
Occupation: Workshop Manager
Current Employer: Diesel Mechanical

When did you get started in the road transport industry?

I've always been involved, my dad was a driver for a long time and he got me interested in driving trucks. I actually started driving properly when I was 18.

So you are mechanic now, you service only heavy vehicles?

We service a lot of different things, hea...

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Bits of Bollocks: Regional Fuel Tax
Posted on 07-Apr-2018

This week in bits of bollocks we will take a cross-section of the current debate around the intended Regional Fuel Tax that will be imposed on New Zealand in coming months and cut through the nonsense.

1. Fuel Excise is not a Tax

For the first misleading bit of bollocks in the regional fuel tax debate we look no further than the 'distinction' – or lack thereof - between excise and tax. Jacinda Ardern has argued aggressively in parliament and to the NZ media that the RFT is excise not tax. This is a distinction ...

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Is A Regional Fuel Tax the Right Answer?
Posted on 07-Apr-2018

A regional fuel tax will be nothing more than a stop gap measure to start funding Auckland's much needed road infrastructure upgrade, according to the National Road Carriers Association.

"It is only going to raise a small part of the funding needed," said the NRC's CEO, David Aitken. It is estimated the RFT will only provide $1.5 billion of the $10 billion needed in the next 10 years.

The nation's leading road transport organisation's members would be more prepared to pay road tolls or congestion charging to fund progr...

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March Registrations: Fuso Makes Impressive Comeback
Posted on 07-Apr-2018

Heavy Truck registrations are back in again for another month! A real highlight this month comes in the overall category, 4501 – MAX GVM.

Truck registrations are way up from February! With some very close competition going on between major players. Overall the market was only 20 trucks short of last year's total, down from 484 to 464 total registrations.

Fuso made a huge comeback in March after only 48 registrations in February they surged back with an impressive 100 registrations.

Isuzu and Fuso were nec...

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