Truckies appreciated over breakfast on TV1
Posted: 25-Feb-2021 |

According to presenter Jenny-May Clarkson “There’s no denying the fact that aotearoa relies on our truck drivers and if that wasn’t already clear, it’s never been so evident as it has over the past 12-months, Throughout the pandemic, through lockdowns, regional border closures and alert level changes they have been working right throughout, making sure our shelves stay stocked and our country kept moving. Now NZ Truck and Driver, along with the National Road Carriers Association, is taking to the street to show our truckies that their hard mahi is being noticed.”

She linked live to NRC CEO David Aitken and Bonneys Truck Driver John Goldthrorpe at the Ports of Auckland as they explained what was happening.

Aitken says, “we’re all out and about this whole week doing different events around the country, handing out free giveaways and gifts to the drivers just to acknowledge the work that they’ve been doing and always do - it’s driver appreciation week.”

Goldthorpe tells TV1 about his role “I drive around Auckland and I drive a swinglift, delivering containers to customers and driving around Auckland you do have to have the patients of a saint. I’ve been driving 46-years and I love it. I love the open air, you can be your own boss, you have control over what you do but still work with people and you don’t have to be in an office.”

Aitken says that the reaction to Driver appreciation week has been fantastic, 

“the drivers have really appreciated it. Trucks are doing an essential job, they’re not out there for a Sunday drive they’re delivering goods. There’s nothing that you’re wearing today, the seats you’re sitting on, the food you’re eating, trucks deliver all that, 24 hours a day - There’s no panic with these guys.”

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