Stay one step ahead with Journey Planner
Posted: 26-Feb-2021 |

Stay one step ahead with Journey Planner

Planning a tricky route? Need to take strict requirements for your oversized, hazardous goods or livestock into account? As a fleet manager, planning safe and efficient journeys for your drivers is a key part of the job – but it also poses several challenges. For instance, if your drivers need to veer of the planned route due to unforeseen circumstances, most map software will then reroute your driver on the shortest route, often resulting in road obstacles and delays.  


Teletrac Navman’s advanced Journey Planner tool available through TN360, is tailormade for transport companies needing specific routes for their heavy vehicles – when transporting livestock, hazardous or oversized goods for example. The tool lets you plan your driver’s journey, turn by turn, to ensure they are able to follow the correct route with ease. When paired with telematics and a fleet management solution, you get a world of benefits, like real-time alerts when the driver leaves the route – which is particularly important when your company transports hazardous goods.

Transporting regulated or hazardous goods

When transporting livestock, oversized vehicles or dangerous goods, fleet managers have a list of NZTA regulations they must comply with. Here’s where the real-time alerts come in handy. Your company can choose to set up notifications in real-time when the driver goes goes off-route, so the business can keep a close eye on the situation and take a look into the reasons for the detour instantly. The solution, via an in-vehicle device, guides the driver safely back onto the correct route, not via the fastest route to the destination

In addition, depending on the needs of you customer – you can also provide them with real-time access to view the vehicles, alongside click-of-a-button trip reporting and analytics during the journey and after the goods have been safely delivered to its destination.

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