NRC calls for Covid clarity
Posted: 14-Oct-2021 |

Practical help and clearer communication from government around Covid-19 and lockdown issues is the call from the National Road Carriers Association (NRC).

“Ever since the start of this COVID-19 Delta experience there has been a lack of pragmatic Government assistance for business owners to enable them to tackle this outbreak,” says James Smith, NRC chief operating officer.

“Many Government communication channels appear to be fitted with very effective one-way valves that prevent any assistance or pragmatic solutions from filtering down to frontline businesses that are now becoming increasingly desperate and frustrated,” Smith says.

He said National Road Carriers members have a proven track record of getting the task done very quickly and efficiently - as they proved when the requirement to test for COVID before leaving Auckland was implemented.

“For months there have been calls for better access to vaccination information and targeted information to address vaccine hesitancy. Where is the support to business owners who want to put in place wider testing for all workers, not just those that cross borders?’’ Smith asks.

“Where are the simple-to-use tools for employers to check the vaccination status of their workers?

“Where is the timetable and route out of lockdown?

“Surely it is not too difficult to set some targets with dates, some easy-to-use information tools?”

He said transport operators know that unless they start a trip with a destination in mind, they have zero chance of success.

“Unless this Government enables their officials to engage in two-way conversations focused on solutions, I fear we will be bumbling along from crisis to crisis until the money runs out.”

Smith says operators who need information or assistance should contact the NRC on 0800 686 777 or

“Let us stress about tracking down the answers to your questions while you keep supplying New Zealand with all things essential.”

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