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Posted: 09-Sep-2021 |

Yesterday - As a result of positive engagement from National Road Carriers and industry leaders and a lot of hard work from the Ministry of Health there have been positive moves towards a smoother implementation for the requirement for drivers to provide proof of a COVID-19 test within seven days prior to crossing the Auckland borders.

In a meeting this afternoon it was announced that there will be a graduated rollout of the process from 11:59pm Thursday 9th September but in order for operators to get up to speed checking will now commence at 11:59pm Thursday 16th September. Only 10% of trucks will be stopped at the border at random and NZ Police have committed to minimising delays as much as possible. Only vehicles leaving Auckland will be subject to a border check, not entering Auckland.

It was also stated that saliva testing will be an approved method and for those who are able, workplace testing will be enabled. The MoH will soon be announcing the provider who will get the contract for testing and a list of sites will be available on the following link:

This has been added to the COVID-19 Health Order and summary of the changes are as follows:

From 11:59pm on 9 September 2021 operators must: have systems and processes in place so their workers crossing the boundary have evidence of having had a COVID-19 test administered no more than 7 days before the workers journey began, and allow their workers to report for and undergo testing during their working hours.

From 11:59pm on 16 September 2021 people crossing the Alert Level 4 boundary will be required to carry evidence of testing. That evidence shall be either: evidence specified by the Director-General, or written verification provided by the medical practitioner who carried out the examination.

This is seen as a positive step forward and evidence that the Government are beginning to listen to the industry and National Road Carriers will continue to advocate on your behalf.

When we know more, you'll know more.

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