Are you paying too much RUC on your independent trailers?
Posted: 14-Oct-2021 |

All vehicles powered by a fuel not taxed at source must pay Road User Charges (RUC), and that includes heavy trailers independent of prime movers. Having an accurate RUC management system is therefore a must-have for transport companies who don’t want to miss out on significant RUC rebates. 

Since RUC is charged based on the distance travelled, it is important to register when the trailer is not being used – something that Teletrac Navman’s latest RUC management solution for independent trailers does. The main features include:

  • A self-contained and completely sealed unit can be installed directly on your vehicle's hub, that generates power from the trailer’s wheel rotations, which means it doesn’t need a constant supply of power to function. Additionally, the simple design and set-up ensures that no other systems, such as ABS or EBS, are interfered with.
  • Teletrac Navman’s RUC management solution for trailers provide tracking data quickly, allowing you to document any off-road claims and consistently generate the rebates you are owed. This prevents loss of revenue for the whole company. 

The RUC management solution doesn’t just save you money, Herberts Transport reported that the solution saves them several hours of administrative time each week. These hours can then be invested back into company development and increasing returns. 

To learn more about what RUC management could do for your company, visit our website. 


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