Why Machine Learning Is the Future of Fleet Management
Posted: 12-Aug-2020 |

The future of the New Zealand’s transport and logistics industries will be based on machine learning. As you use software with machine learning, like fleet tracking software, the software ‘learns’ your key habits, what data you view the most, how long it takes drivers to complete certain tasks and more. Transport operators that adopt these innovative technologies now will see increased productivity and slashed administrative costs, all while identifying opportunities for improvement and helping you stay ahead of the competition. 

Businesses can use machine learning-enabled fleet tracking systems to guide their employees in real-time. For example, data such as road and traffic conditions, weather and environmental hazards can be analysed by the machine learning software to predict incoming risks, allowing back office workers to guide drivers through dangerous conditions as they unfold.
By sifting through big data to find the most relevant nuggets of information, fleet management solutions using machine learning technology help drivers prepare for any unexpected events, while helping businesses improve customer service. 

ML-based fleet management solutions alert fleet operators to any potential issues with vehicles. This gives mechanics plenty of time to diagnose and fix the fault before it becomes a serious liability.
According to a report from McKinsey, predictive maintenance technology helps to reduce overall costs by up to 40%.

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