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Posted: 31-Mar-2020 |

As everyone around the country adjusts to their work conditions and lifestyle, there may be those that are struggling to cope with the adjustments or other issues.

We all have an important job to do while New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 4. Whether you are in your physical isolation 'bubble' at home or working to deliver an essential service, you are helping to save lives.

It's important to take care of yourself – and that means your mind as well as your body.
Remember your feelings are completely normal – it's understandable to feel sad, distressed, worried, confused, anxious or angry during this crisis.

Be strong and be kind (especially to yourself) – we're going to get through this.
Wellbeing is a continuum and we're likely to find ourselves at various points over the coming weeks and months. Lots of useful information about wellbeing is available online through organisations including the Mental Health Foundation and the Health Promotion Agency – see the Depression website and the Lowdown website for youth.

Ministry of Health has some very good information on tips to help you feel good and get through. Ministry of Health: HERE

VITAE - Our partner Vitae are monitoring the situation and are available if required.
Vitae services will be accessible and available to customers in a variety of ways depending on the need and circumstances. We will be guided by the advice provided by the Ministry of Health.
Key points to note:
Service access via 24/7 freephone and web links will be monitored and maintained
Face to face services are offered as long as it is safe to meet
Options of phone or video calling by appointment are available as requested

Guidance and support for Team Leaders and Managers

The Role of the Manager - An initial response from the workplace in delivering messages is an important and necessary process for any impacted employee(s). However, how your organisation responds to potential risk and the threat will affect the way your employees will gauge their own work safety and their personal options should the virus spread in New Zealand. Ignoring potential risk will not comfort the staff.

Asking how staff are doing is helpful and sending clear messages about it being ok to seek help will make a difference.
Your key role or job as a manager is to create an environment where work can safely progress as your employees consider the practicalities of the plans that you have signalled would be put in place.

Your warmth, support and professionalism can set an example that will last long after the threat is passed and is one of the most conducive elements to supporting the wellbeing of your team.

Flu vaccination during the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown - Everyone with a heart condition should get a 2020 flu vaccine. Free flu vaccines are available for high-risk groups during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Level 4 lockdown. Here's why it's important and some advice on how to get the vaccine safely.
People with heart disease have a higher risk of catching the flu (influenza). They're also more likely to suffer complications from having it. Flu vaccination can help reduce this risk.
Doctors are asking anyone over the age of 65 with a heart condition, or in other high-risk groups, to get their 2020 flu shot. Although it won't prevent against getting COVID-19, it will give people with heart conditions the best possible chance of staying well during winter.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, 2020 flu shots will be available for high-risk groups at doctor's surgeries and some local pharmacies.
You should:
Phone ahead to make an appointment
Find out about any infection control measures to follow during your visit
Stay two metres away from anyone other than the healthcare professional giving the vaccination
Maintain good hygiene practices at all time.
Take Care of yourselves and your Staff
Be sure to exercise, there are many apps available out there that can be useful HERE

PUBLIC TOILETS - For the updated list of the Public Toilets that are available, please CLICK HERE

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