UD's King Quon released in Hong Kong
Posted: 12-May-2020 |

UD Trucks All-new Quon heavy-duty truck has been launched in Hong Kong.

Since 2013, UD Trucks' flagship heavy-duty truck Quon has been well-received in the market for its outstanding performance that delivers comfort, durability, fuel-efficiency and high payload capacity in one complete package.

In keeping with its commitment to deliver on "Innovation that puts people first", All-new Quon features enhancements in five major areas: drivability, fuel efficiency, productivity, safety and uptime.

Boosting productivity and profitability for business owners and logistics companies in Hong Kong

All-new Quon is a testament to UD Trucks' vision of providing the trucks and services that the world needs today. With a powerful engine, intelligent automated manual transmission, ergonomic cabin design and advanced safety features, it is slated to bring unprecedented levels of performance to customers in Hong Kong.

To further address driving demands in Hong Kong's unique traffic and road conditions, All-new Quon offers six 24/30-tonne cab & chassis models of various wheelbases alongside a 38-tonne tractor model, featuring the 420hp 11-litre engine and 12-speed automated manual transmission from Quon's top-tier powertrain line-up.

The new Euro VI-compliant GH11 engine is capable of delivering maximum torque output as well as class-leading horsepower to handle high-load operations, while the new generation ESCOT-VI automated manual transmission adopts a simple, easy-to-use straight shift pattern, reinforcing All-new Quon's operability while enhancing performance in tough conditions and ultimately maximizing fuel economy.

In addition to enhancing drivability, All-new Quon provides higher payload and reduction in the cost-per-trip which enhance operational efficiencies and bolster bottom line. In terms of after-sales support, a suite of 'Extra Mile Support' services such as UD Genuine Parts and Service, 24-hour UD Road Support, UD Mobile Workshop, UD Service Agreements, UD Service Planning and UD Telematics Services utilizing the latest in connectivity are available to maximize uptime for its customers.

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