UD Trucks adds high-capacity short-cab model to Quon family
Posted: 09-Jun-2020 |

UD Trucks has expanded its flagship heavy-duty truck range with the launch of a new "short-cab" Quon, enabling more room for cargo and improved productivity. The truck is available now in Japan.

Compared to the conventional full cab, this model has increased the loading capacity volume by shortening the cab length by 295 mm. The length of the loading platform has been extended to 10.02 meters, allowing more room for cargo. In addition, by adopting an 8L engine, the truck has achieved a chassis weight reduction of approximately 300kg.

The short-cab model is designed to meet the diversifying needs of the logistics industry by optimizing intercity transportation and increasing productivity.

Marketing & Strategy Planning Director Naokaki Yukishita said: "We believe the new short-cab Quon with its powerful 8L engine will bring more flexibility and productivity to our customer's operations. The truck is a perfect choice for optimizing intercity transport and helping support new ways of working for more efficient logistics as we grapple with a new normal in the post-corona age."

The short-cab Quon has extra loading capacity, it can hold the equivalent of two additional T11 pallets, compared to the full cab model. It merges productivity and comfort. Equipped with an 8L engine, ESCOT-VI automatic transmission, which is ample horsepower and torque for high payloads, it provides a smooth and stress-free driving experience.

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