The best way to spend this Saturday - The Bombay Truck Show
Posted: 29-Jan-2020 |

With the inaugural Bombay Truck Show (and charity event) set for this Saturday, we thought we'd get the scoop from the event organiser Marieka Morcombe on what to expect and any last-minute touches - she had a lot to say.

"Just got back from making up 300 prize/registration bags! It took four of us over two hours, but they are awesome. Excitement is at an all-time high now, just about as high as the nerves.... A few hiccups in the last couple of weeks but this week seems plain sailing for now. We are at the point where everything (we think) is sorted, just waiting for the big day." Marieka says.

"On the day you can expect amazing things. I know we have been super active in keeping everyone up-to-date online, so it seems like you already know what's happening and who will be there, but there will still be plenty of surprises. Plenty of activities for the kids for free, there are over 40 Classic cars coming along and a Bar and Band on the field for the adults. Make sure you get around every field and inside the club, there are over 80 remote control trucks in the clubrooms!"

"The calibre of trucks entered in the show is really incredible, we all have very different theories on who might claim prizes. But we are all guessing as none of us are the judges! There are 8 independent judges who have been given no chance of being biased, I can't wait to see who the chosen winners are."

"Speaking of winners, you should see the prizes! Our sponsors have been so generous that the prizes really are next level. I won't give it away entirely, but our big winners will need to bring a friend when they come up to collect their prizes."

"Food trucks aplenty to suit all tastes. Be sure to check out all the exhibitor stands, nearly every one of them has some really great giveaways and/or are doing some interesting demonstrations!"

"The weather outlook is great, hopefully, a little cloudy and not too hot. Can't wait to announce how much money we have raised for charity, it's epic."

"Gates open at 10am on Saturday and we have a late licence. It's a one-day show, feel free to join us on Sunday morning for the clean up though."

See you all at the show!!!

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