The Aussie Mack Anthem
Posted: 20-Jan-2021 |

In what Gary Bone (VP Mack Trucks Australia) calls ‘exciting news that will change the trucking industry forever’ Mack Australia has officially launched the Mack Anthem to the Southern Hemisphere, 

“with its bold design, brilliant features and powerful performance the Mack Anthem is purpose built right here in Australia for Australia.” he says

The Mack Anthem is based on the hugely successful Anthem that was previously launched in the US, however Mack Aus engineers have worked tirelessly to adapt the Anthem to local conditions.

“And with over 100-years of history in Australia our team knows what it takes.” Bone adds.

“We’ve spent over 5-years in Research and Development refining the Anthem to make it the ultimate combination of productivity and comfort. We’ve put it through hundreds of thousands of kilometers of testing, ensuring the Anthem’s reliability and toughness. And we’ve invested millions of dollars in the project resulting in a truck that Australia has been crying out for and ultimately deserves.”

Bone unequivocally declares “This is your truck, made here, made for you. The Anthem will deliver you power, performance and profitability like never before.”

The Mack Anthem sports a bold aerodynamic design, sloping bonnet and flat fenders. The cabin features new levels of comfort and ergonomics not seen before. The ‘intuitively designed’ instrument panel and steering wheel with fingertip controls give control to the driver, while the flat-bottomed steering wheel is an industry first, allowing easy access and exit. The integrated stand up sleeper provides 35% more cabin space and the mattress comes with pocket springs for extra comfort.

Other features include:

Aerodynamic design

Improved MP8 engine


Predictive Cruise 

Improved safety

Bone ends by saying, “The Mack Anthem saves on fuel and maintenance costs while maximising uptime and your bottom line.”

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