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Posted: 30-Jun-2020 |

Navman's Brand New Electronic Distance Recorder for Trailers Gets NZTA Approval and Industry Tick.

Teletrac Navman's brand-new, custom-built electronic distance recorder for trailers has secured NZTA approval and will be rolling out from July. The device was designed with practical input from Kiwi transport operators and uses ground-breaking new technology developed right here in New Zealand.

The product designers held workshops with NZ transport operators to get their wants and needs – so this device was designed by kiwis for kiwis. It's all self-contained and self-installed, meaning operators don't need to wait or pay for installation - making it really simple and more economical.

The device is part of Teletrac Navman's electronic Road User Charges (RUC) system, and will automate RUC licence payment and display, and calculate off-road rebates for heavy trailers independently of prime movers. It is a self-contained, sealed device that generates power directly from the wheel's rotation. There are no wires and no interference with the trailer ABS, EBS or other systems. Operators can self-install the device and use it as part of their Teletrac Navman RUC management solution.

"In the development of this solution, we spoke with our transport operator customers to get feedback on exactly what they needed - and this solution is a result," says Ian Daniel, vice president and managing director Asia Pacific. "Automated RUC management is a very popular technology. Our customers wanted something they could easily install themselves, that was self-contained and self-powered, and had a large clear screen. This device ticks all the boxes for a busy operator."
"Feedback from customers is that electronic RUC saves them hours of admin time and even brings in a steady flow of rebates for off-road travel. With the upcoming increases in Road User Charges, every kilometre left unclaimed represents even more lost value to a business. Staying on top of regular rebates also assists a business with its cashflow."

The electronic distance recorder is already hotly demanded by customers, to provide them with a simple, fast and cost-effective way to manage Road User Charges for trailers.

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