Teletrac Navman Proudly Announces Partnership with the Semenoff Group
Posted: 04-Feb-2020 |

Teletrac Navman has won the contract for providing GPS fleet management technology to Semenoff Group, Northland's largest privately-owned transport operator. This partnership, formalised in December 2019, will see Teletrac Navman's suite of GPS-based equipment and software installed into Semenoff Group's vehicles and assets, starting with its three transport divisions – bulk cartage, livestock and logging.

Teletrac Navman's complete GPS fleet management solutions assist New Zealand operators in running an efficient, productive and compliant fleet. Teletrac Navman is approved by the NZTA as an Electronic System Provider and its range of technology is designed to improve operations for both drivers and owners, whilst meeting New Zealand's regulatory requirements.

"Large operators with multiple divisions are aiming to increase efficiency by consolidating their systems. To support them, we've been focused on developing a full suite of technology that targets all areas of a transport business from operations and administration to driver behaviour and compliance," said Ian Daniel, Vice President Teletrac Navman, Asia Pacific. "The Semenoff Group found this streamlined, all-in-one system to be a very practical and effective approach to its wider business and fleet management."

Semenoff Group has a mixed fleet of close to 100 vehicles and plant in regular operation, including on call specialist and surplus vehicles for project and other seasonal work. It has been operating a couple of different telematic systems, including Teletrac Navman products, following several business acquisitions over the last ten years. However, Semenoff Group was looking to upgrade to an all-in-one solution, including compliance, safety and logistics technology, for its entire mixed fleet.

Semenoff Group will install Teletrac Navman's full system over the coming months, incorporating in-cab devices for easy communications and transport-specific applications. New products to the Semenoff Group are Teletrac Navman's electronic logbook, speed assist and pre-start checklist for drivers and RUC Manager for electronic road user charges management and processing off-road rebates.

"I have been in transport for 50 years this year, I have always considered the safety of my staff and other road users as paramount and our record of no serious incidents is testament to this. We have been working with Teletrac Navman for some time to use new technology to continually improve our focus on safety" said Stan Semenoff, Managing Director, Semenoff Group. "We're looking forward to fully integrating our fleet with Teletrac Navman's system to streamline our operations and future-proof our business."

"When compared side by side with other systems, Teletrac Navman offered a complete solution for our business at a competitive price," said Alexander Semenoff, Operations Manager, Semenoff Group. "We're installing Teletrac Navman's full suite of compliance technology to ensure every truck in the Semenoff Group is operating efficiently, safely, and is tracked and monitored to ensure those outcomes. As well as backend maintenance solutions, each truck will have an in-cab device with access to applications such as an electronic logbook, and all our drivers will be trained by Teletrac Navman on its use. We're focused on moving forward in 2020 with one, fully integrated GPS fleet management system that we can rely on."

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