Teletrac Navman Launches Advanced Journey Planning Tool Designed For Transport Industry
Posted: 21-Oct-2020 |

Transport operators can now build, turn-by-turn, an exact route for their transport task, thanks to the next-generation Journey Planner tool and advanced in-cabin navigation application, available through TN360, Teletrac Navman’s newly released AI-first software.

A unique solution, Journey Planner allows a transport operator to create routes for drivers including exact roads to follow including any specific heavy vehicle infrastructure. Paired with the SmartNav: Route application on the driver’s in-cab device that provides turn-by-turn navigation, the solution helps business’s meet contract requirements, specific company or customer safety requirements, permit conditions, vehicle standards or load compliance.

“Our Journey Planner tool is a major step up from traditional navigation software which is not designed to keep drivers on a prescribed route. Traditional software often redirects drivers to a route that is not desirable, causing compliance or safety issues when truck drivers are sent onto light vehicle only routes or across protected infrastructure.” Andrew Rossington, Chief Product Officer at Teletrac Navman. “We design technology with the aim of solving everyday issues for transporters – it’s a direct response to what our customers are asking for. This level of control is going to make operations smoother and more productive for busy transport operators.”

Safe and reliable routing
When considering loads that transport operators undertake, such as hazardous substances or valuable goods, planning the exact path the driver can take ahead of time helps to ensure a safe trip. With the Journey Planner tool, operators can take into consideration contractual agreements, vehicle considerations, road considerations, infrastructure (such as bridges and tunnels), and permits when building journeys.

Driver assurance
A driver can be deviated from the route due to a range of obstacles; road closures, accidents and road works. The SmartNav: Route application, which displays the route on the driver device, will notify drivers if they leave a designated route and automatically redirect the driver back to the planned journey via the safest and most compliant roads. It will simultaneously alert the back-office. This gives the business the assurance that they will meet contractual requirements and keep driver safety front of mind for each and every job.

Improve task management
With the Journey Planner tool, a transport operator can provide more accurate quotes based on a chosen route and get a more complete picture of the planned versus actual task to assist in driving efficiencies. They can also better plan driver schedules with more precise route timing. The additional level of precision can help the business to become more competitive and efficient.

Journey Planner and TN360 provides the tools to meet compliance and contractual requirements, making the transport task safer and more efficient for both drivers and operators.

Teletrac Navman’s Journey Planner tool - and matching SmartNav: Route application for the in-cab device - is now available in New Zealand. 

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