Storm Smashes New Zealand Roads
Posted: 07-Apr-2018 |

A massive storm rocked the country Tuesday evening causing widespread damage to private and public property.

The winds gusted up to 213km/h in some areas halting air traffic, fueling fires and blasting trucks.

One truckie driving in Taranaki had a hard day on the job when he was slammed by a tornado. The video footage captured by the driver shows progressively worse weather including lightning storms and torrential rain until finally the driver unwittingly hits a tornado.

"It is an actual tornado!" he can be heard saying in the video footage, ""Trees coming down!"

Amazingly his vehicle did not sustain any damage as a result of the ordeal.

High winds and difficult road conditions lead to a truck and trailer unit rolling over on State Highway 57 between Shannon and Tokomaru. It took a while for the road to be cleared due to contactors being overworked with other storm related incidents.

Further afield, the South Island experienced large amounts of snowfall. Mark Amer, an owner driver from Canterbury, experienced some huge snowfall heading through Hamner Forest the day following the storm.

Along with the road conditions, many businesses were unable to operate due to power outages, however, many of the truckies were out there still on the road not just delivering goods but essential supplies for the many affected communities.

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