Southpac Trucks Legend - Andrew Carpenter - Culture first
Posted: 25-Nov-2020 |

A regular feature in NZ Truck and Driver Magazine is the ‘Southpac Truck Legend’ and this month showcases what happens when you create a ‘Culture First’ organisation - it’s an ambitious and continually developing vision that TR Group’s Andrew Carpenter has successfully managed to achieve.

From their bespoke lunch room that features a 6ft truck hauling refrigerators, office walls adorned with photos of staff doing outdoor pursuits and a personnel development programme that enables both vocational and personal growth, you could say that TR’s head office in Penrose is more of a club than a well-oiled truck and trailer rental group - but it’s their ever evolving, empowering culture that founder Andrew Carpenter began twenty-eight years ago and what they give back to the industry that makes him a Southpac Truck Legend.

We discuss how and more importantly ‘why’ he feels that an environment of continual personal and professional development is the key to a successful and progressive operation.

Carpenter says that TR’s culture is about freedom and choice, “it’s about finding your place here and grabbing the opportunities to learn and grow as a human being, if you do that, you’ll learn and grow as a professional in your role. So the whole flavour is about learning and growth and that’s one of the most fulfilling things for me personally.”

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