Sleeker, smarter Kenworth T680 Next Generation launches in the US
Posted: 17-Feb-2021 |

Sets New Standard for Excellence with Superior Fuel Efficiency, Performance and Comfort.

Kenworth launched the new Kenworth T680 Next Generation on-highway flagship during a virtual introduction today. The T680 Next Gen establishes a powerful new industry standard, and significantly expands upon the success of the classic Kenworth T680.

The Kenworth T680 Next Gen offers technology advancements, including an innovative 15-inch Digital Display, Next Gen SmartWheel®, fully LED headlamps, under-the-vehicle airflow management, additional advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and a sleek high-tech design that balances aerodynamics and serviceability.

“The Kenworth T680 Next Generation raises the bar for overall excellence, superior fuel efficiency, outstanding performance and bold styling,” said Kevin Baney, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president. "The Kenworth T680 Next Gen is the new on-highway flagship of The World’s Best® product line.”

Kenworth efforts especially focused on developing a highly effective aerodynamic package to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. “We exceeded the superior fuel efficiency of the current T680, through aerodynamic advancements and design innovations. As a result, the Kenworth T680 Next Generation is the most aerodynamic truck in company history,” said Joe Adams, Kenworth chief engineer.

The T680 Next Gen includes new aero bumper and hood, turning vanes, durable lower fairing extensions, chassis fairings, wheel well closeouts, 28-inch side extenders, tandem drive axle fairings, and wheel covers, among other features, all to keep the airflow closer to the cab and reduce drag-causing turbulence. The T680 Next Gen is standard with the EPA 2021 PACCAR MX-13 12.9-liter engine and PACCAR Powertrain that also offer strong fuel efficiency gains.

The bottom line is up to an estimated 6 percent* overall fuel economy increase for a T680 Next Gen 76-inch sleeper over a comparably spec’d T680 with an EPA 2017 PACCAR MX-13 engine, noted Adams.

The EPA 2021 PACCAR MX-13 engine features enhanced durability, reduced complexity, performance upgrades, increased downspeeding capability and more effi¬cient combustion. The result is more power, longevity, uptime, ease of service and driver satisfaction. The PACCAR MX-13 engine guarantees a smooth-operating, high-performance power¬train of unmatched capability, optimized for a seamless integration with the PACCAR 12-speed transmission and PACCAR 40K axles.

According to Jonathan Duncan, Kenworth design director, “The T680 Next Gen hit our design goal of being sleek and sophisticated. We wanted to focus on the aerodynamics, the technology and the refinement, and make the styling show that is a world class, high-perfomance machine,” said Duncan.

The cab features the new, 15-inch high-definition, fully Digital Display – the largest standard factory display available in any North American truck to date. The design is easily adjustable to enable drivers to match their preferences, while also automatically displaying critical content.

The Kenworth T680 Next Generation is designed to optimize performance in line haul, pickup and delivery, and regional haul operations. Available in day cab, 40-inch, 52-inch and 76-inch-sleeper configurations, the T680 Next Gen is standard with the proprietary PACCAR Powertrain featuring the 2021 PACCAR MX-13 engine, PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission and PACCAR 40K tandem rear axles.

“The Kenworth T680 Next Generation has great innovations, new technologies and outstanding fuel efficiency, but this truck is all about the drivers. We built this truck around them and for them. The T680 Next Gen provides drivers with the convenient, next generation SmartWheel, new customizable 15-inch Digital Display, excellent forward lighting down the road, additional advanced driver assistance systems, and, of course, a premium and extremely comfortable cab and sleeper,” said Laura Bloch, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing. “This is the next generation of The Driver’s Truck and offers the full Kenworth Experience.”

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