RUC Increases for 2020
Posted: 26-May-2020 |

Following is an Advisory from The Road Transport Forum notifying all carriers of the RUC increases effective 1st July 2020

The Original order in Council for the increase was passed on 28th April 2020 and notified in the NZ Gazette on 30th April 2020.

This notification provides the statutory six weeks notification prior to the new rates coming into force. The increase is 5.3% and is applied unilaterally across all current RUC rates. The increase exacerbates the calibration issues that arose from last year's increase where only some vehicle types received an increase.

The delay in posting this information is because in part, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) delayed notifying NZTA until mid-May 2020. Furthermore, there is no new information on MOT's website apart from the 2019 information about the rate of increase per annum occurring each July. Consequently, there are no updated Q & A's and the RUC calculator is not updated either.

NZTA planned to notify industry this week according to our sources but a question was raised about the 2020 RUC increase and its application to vehicle types at a recent heavy haul Microsoft teams meeting. The draft minutes were posted today confirming the likelihood of the 5.3% increase.

The RUC handbook will be available closer to 1 July 2020 once NZTA has published it.

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