RTANZ says proposed NZTA Rakaia Weigh Right station an unacceptable accident risk
Posted: 02-Jun-2020 |

The Road Transport Association of New Zealand (RTANZ) says a Weigh Right station that the NZ Transport Agency wants to build near Rakaia in South Canterbury poses an unacceptable accident risk – and it is speaking out before a fatality or serious injury occurs.

The association, which represents trucking and freight companies throughout New Zealand, says the proposed site for the new station, just south of the Rakaia Road bridge, is an extremely dangerous place for heavy vehicles to access.

"After seeing the NZTA independent site audits, these clearly state that the proposed Rakaia Weigh Right site is deemed to be high risk, with the occurrence of a serious or fatal accident occurring now being considered 'likely' on this short stretch of road if the build goes as planned," RTANZ Chief Operating Officer Simon Carson warns.

He says the Road Transport Association supports weigh right stations – which ensure trucks comply with safe loading requirements – however it opposes this particular site on this stretch of SH1, which has already experienced a high number of fatalities and serious accidents.

Carson says NZTA has refused to consult and listen to the association's concerns despite assurances it would do so.

"There has been continued opposition by RTANZ, and a stance by the Agency that seems to show them going against their own basic business fundamentals – road safety and saving lives.

"NZTA have the luxury of many miles of straight safe highway either side of Rakaia on which to build the station, but after a number of meetings and discussions it seems their poor choice of site, between the two bridges, is driven by their view that this is a high capture area. Their judgment here is simply incorrect. If drivers wish to avoid this site, there are multiple alternatives for them to bypass Rakaia. We have recently added the support of AA Canterbury and West Coast to our position, however despite consolidated calls for consultation, NZTA remain adamant that this is going ahead."

Carson is calling on NZTA to reconsider the plan for the Rakaia Weigh Right station as a high priority.

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