Road Safety Truck Receives Positive BECA Review
Posted: 13-May-2018 |

NZ Trucking Association's MAN safety truck initiative has been positively received by an independent reviewer.

The healthy truck driver programme was developed by the NZ Trucking Association to prevent crashes and truck rollovers and to teach heavy vehicle operators how to be healthy drivers. The Association also offers a 'share the road with big trucks' programme which is delivered to raise awareness of truck capabilities and how to share the road safely.

The programmes have now been independently evaluated by Beca, to see if the programs have worked and if they have made a positive difference.

Beca concluded that there are positive behaviour changes as a result of participation in the programmes and that these can contribute to fewer deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

"This is what we set out to do and this is what we are achieving," says NZ Trucking Association boss David Boyce.

The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck was launched in August 2017 by the NZ Trucking Association bringing heavy vehicle related educational programmes to drivers, business owners and the public.

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