Putting The Spotlight On Our Nation’s Truck Drivers This Mental Health Week
Posted: 22-Sep-2020 |

This Mental Health Week, Teletrac Navman, a provider of fleet management technology, has partnered up with the New Zealand Trucking Association to encourage the transport industry to check in with one another, reach out for support, and keep up healthy habits up through their ‘Are you trucking along okay?’ initiative.

Thursday 24th September - Mental Health Awareness Day - At Glasnevin Weigh Bridge in Canterbury, Teletrac Navman has teamed up with NZ Trucking Association, CSVT and BP to run a Mental Health Awareness Day.

Truck drivers are essential workers that transport 92% of New Zealand’s total freight by weight, making their contribution vital to the wider New Zealand economy. However, long hours away from home, shift work, fatigue, physical inertia and margin pressure are all factors that impact on drivers and business owners’ mental health. Health and wellbeing are foundational to overall safety, and drivers’ wellbeing in particular is crucial because it helps keep them and other road users safe.

“It’s important for transport companies to take action on mental health and put the spotlight on our truck drivers as they are much more exposed to fatigue, H&S driver wellness and fatigue, and young to middle-age men are highly represented in New Zealand’s suicide statistics. Initiatives like the Mental Health Week is a good time to show your support,” says Megan Duncan, Teletrac Navman. The New Zealand Trucking Association have launched a symbol that the trucking can display to raise awareness and show they care.

“We hope the symbol encourages more conversations and people to reach out and ask for help when they need it. These will be turned into truck window stickers and will be available in time for Mental Health Week. Display this on the side window of your truck or car, or on your office window to raise awareness around supporting trucker’s mental health,” said Carol McGeady, General Manager at NZ Trucking Association.

Thursday 24th September: Mental Health Awareness Day. Where: Glasnevin Weigh Bridge, Canterbury. When: Thursday 24th September, 7am – 4pm.

What: Teletrac Navman, NZ Trucking Association, CVST and BP will run a Mental Health Awareness Day - including information sessions and giveaways.

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