Protect your workforce with your fleet tracking
Posted: 12-May-2020 |

Did you know your fleet tracking system can assist with contract tracing and hygiene procedures?
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact and do business, with new health and safety requirements to comply with. Companies are now asking for forms to be filled out, documents to be read and a contactless delivery process.

Teletrac Navman's tracking system has features that can help transport operators adapt to new H&S requirements.

Our GPS-based geofencing tool provides fleet managers with a way to identify every vehicle that enters or leaves set areas and can be used to improve operational safety, efficiencies and compliance with relevant site protocols. Whenever a driver enters or exits a geofence, such as a customer site, the fleet manager can set up automated alerts which reminds drivers about the H&S processes or site speed restrictions.

In-cabin driver tool
Our electronic document system ensures that all H&S requirements can be communicated to drivers via the in-cab device. The back-office can forward updated documents to individual or multiple drivers, so that drivers will always have the required documents and checklists at their fingertips.

Technology helps you effectively adjust to change
Flexibility and communication are key to transport operators making it through this tough time, whilst adhering to all safety precautions. This pandemic has shown the road transport industry the importance of being agile, flexible and utilising technology to its fullest to quickly adjust to a changing supply chain environment.

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