Oil Intel 'Totally' backs essential services
Posted: 07-Apr-2020 |

Essential services in New Zealand need oil to keep them operational' says Reuben Thickpenny, director of Oil Intel, the appointed distributor of Total lubricants in New Zealand. Before the Covid-19 pandemic forced New Zealand into a nationwide lockdown, the company was already supplying to primary industries in New Zealand. 'The machines that safely produce or pack the food products people buy in the store, require our highly specialised food-grade lubricants. Without oil, it is only a matter of time before machines and equipment fail.'

Oil Intel acted ahead of the game: the Monday prior to official lockdown, all office staff were sent home – any required additional equipment to set up home offices had already been supplied in the weeks before. 'We had to be prepared for a worst-case scenario', says Reuben, 'and even though oil is part of essential services, we had to take every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff.'

And that is exactly what the oil supplier has done. With its 10 branches now working remotely and warehousing being staffed minimally to adhere to the 2 metre physical distancing, the business stays in touch daily through video conferencing.

'It is working exceptionally well, staff even came together for a colleagues birthday on Zoom – we tuned in with nearly 40 people, all singing happy birthday for her.' While the business is keeping existing essential services customers going, there have been numerous enquiries from new customers about the oil products. 'There is no reason why we cannot supply new customers under an expedited procedure. These are times where we all have to help each other where we can', says Reuben – though admitting existing customers do come first.

Oil Intel supplies oil and related products to food production, freight, transport, ports, logistics and power generation.

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