NRC's RUC Petition to be presented with 15,849 signatures
Posted: 23-Jun-2020 |

"Freight's still got to move, consumers are still going to consume, the essential products have still got to be delivered." NRC's Chief Executive David Aitken told NZ Truck and Driver about how he feels the industry is tracking, however he's livid over the 'proposed' RUC increase.

"We're being used as a tax gatherer for the government and we're over it." he says.

"It's been a financial lolly scramble for other sectors but our essential service, where people have put their lives, their health, their safety, everything on the line to make sure that this economy and people can survive right through lockdown and all we've got is kicked in the guts without a single recognition for what we've done."

It's fair to say that the NRC is pleased with the number of responses to the petition having managed to secure 15,849 signatures in just a mere couple of weeks.

Aitken says, "it shows that it's something the industry cares about but what it also proves is that it's not just the Road Transport sector, the general public and consumers are behind us as well."

According to Aitken, MP David Seymour was very willing to present the petition to Parliament saying "Absolutely, I will inform the Clerk that I am happy to accept the petition."

Aitken adds, "To be a politician that has his own petition going and present the NRC's too, deserves a plug, he does support this and has got on board with it."

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