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Posted: 28-Oct-2020 |

With Covid taking a back seat to the long weekend’s road toll numbers, there’s been an increase in talk about continual vehicle training for both public and professionals alike, ATV are keen to lend a hand.

Christchurch based Advanced Vehicle Training are a team of highly experienced vehicle training specialists that are committed to delivering the highest level of training demanded by the industry and are passionate about improving standards across the sector.

Company Business Development Manager Steve Lynn says “At Advanced Vehicle Training (AVT) we saw the need for a higher quality of vehicle training. The transport industry requires training that goes beyond licencing and that also provides for specialised training in many industry sectors.

We aspire to enhance the skills, professionalism and value of drivers in the industry and we believe that as a transport company’s biggest asset, investment in their drivers is crucial.”

ATV believes that the value of investing in advanced training can be seen in terms of business and employee benefits, including increased safety and reduced risk of accidents and injuries to both your employees and the public, improved driver health and wellbeing, improved driver engagement and performance, enhanced operational efficiencies, reduced vehicle maintenance costs and increased business profitability.

AVT offers high quality training both inside and out of the cab, including the operation of specialised equipment e.g. container sidelifter.

Lynn says “we can manage the ongoing training needs of your workforce and provide plans for the continuous development of individual drivers. We adapt our training to your company’s specific requirements and to your individual drivers’ needs.”

Stay tuned they have a new website coming soon. 

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