New multi-camera solution shows the real picture
Posted: 14-Oct-2020 |

Intelligent vehicle cameras, when combined with telematics, provide a host of benefits to fleet managers and drivers. Teletrac Navman’s new multi-camera solution for trucks is designed to integrate with its new AI-powered software, TN360.

Designed specifically for transport and logistics operators 

Teletrac Navman’s high-definition multi-camera solution triggers real-time alerts for out of the ordinary road events, such as harsh braking or swerving via G-force sensors, making it a highly valuable tool for analysing road collisions, and recording the behaviour of other road users for insurance and legal claims. The solution captures more than 10 days of continuously rolling footage from four high-definition cameras, available to view from the back-office without the need to physically get into the vehicle. 

A comprehensive view of each vehicle with four cameras to choose from: 

Fleet operators have the option to choose how many and what cameras to use, and how they are used, to give a deeper level of insight into what’s happening on the road. The solution includes driver facing, forward facing, left and right-side options.

This camera solution can assist drivers and operators to exonerate themselves in collisions, by giving them an objective recording of the situation.

Teletrac Navman’s integrated multi-cameras are now available in New Zealand. Find out how cameras can benefit your fleet via this link

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