National Commits Extra $300 Million For Road Maintenance
Posted: 09-Sep-2020 |

The news that the Government has rejected adding road maintenance to its list of shovel-ready projects is concerning, National’s Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“National has allocated $300 million from its record $31 billion transport infrastructure package for immediate deployment on ‘digger-ready’ funding for our roads, including seal upgrades, resurfacing, the removal of potholes, and foundation work.

“Repairing our roads gets the diggers rolling faster, creating jobs and safer journeys. This should be a no-brainer. National will deliver where the Labour has failed.

“Unlike most of the other projects funded by the Government’s shovel-ready fund, road maintenance is actually ‘shovel-ready’ with much-needed work around the country able to get underway almost immediately, boosting employment, and fixing roads at the same time.

“Road maintenance projects are job-rich and sensible projects that can get underway immediately, with long-term benefits for road users. It makes no sense that the Labour prefers to fund projects that don’t even have resource consent yet, or elite Green Schools that don’t even have full registration status as schools.

“National backs the call by the Road Transport Forum, alongside the Civil Contractors’ Association and the AA, to quickly start funding road maintenance as part of the economic response to Covid-19.

“Unlike the Labour, National’s $300 million ‘digger-ready’ fund will deliver. We will immediately commission the work upon taking office with the aim of getting work underway around the country by Christmas.”

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