Jones still intent on growing Forestry with $10million
Posted: 02-Jun-2020 |

During the latest round of Parliament Q&A's Hon Shane Jones emphasised the importance of NZ Forestry and his continued investment.

"Along with my colleague the Hon Damien O'Connor, from the one billion tree fund, the Government, through my good self and my colleague, have announced $10 million to aid planting wetlands and waterways, create jobs in communities, and improve the environment," says Hon Shane Jones Minister of Forestry.

"In addition to this, it will boost the local nurseries but, most importantly, provide sorely needed jobs in the rural community in the primary produce sector."

He went on to say.

"Last year, in a neglected part of Aotearoa, the Waiapū catchment, we allocated a sum of $5 million, and, in fairness to my colleagues from the other side of the House, it was picking up an obligation that they took on board in the settlement of the Ngati Porou claim. We worked out that in areas such as that, catchment improvements are not possible until we get the nephs off the couch and teach them, actually, how to start fencing again. We bring forward people that have been dislocated from the job market, and we hope to continue doing that with the $80 million recently announced for waterways, riparian planting, and stock reticulation."

Jones feels that it's not only about growing trees and environmental resilience but it's also investing in the next generation and that Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau, forestry scholarships, have recently been announced, to encourage young women, those who have already left school, Māori school-leavers, and, indeed, anyone who wants to invest time, money, and effort in gaining a qualification.

He wants to turn the forestry sector from a low commodity game and increase both the skill, the talent, and the transparency, in particular, amongst those who play a role in advisory services and log mongers.

"[We] need a great deal of training and education to ensure that our future industry is on the strongest footing possible."

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