Hybrid Technology Truck Added To WEL’s Fleet
Posted: 28-Oct-2020 |

Waikato electricity lines company WEL Networks has added a hybrid technology live line elevating work platform (EWP) truck to its fleet.

Chief Executive Garth Dibley says the new truck further demonstrates the organisation’s focus on sustainability, joining the 100% electric EWP truck added to its fleet last year.

"Sustainability is front of mind for WEL - not only for energy solutions, but also in terms of transport and we operate a sizable fleet of vehicles.

"The idea behind this hybrid technology is to operate the truck’s elevating bucket via an electric power pack, while maintaining the travel range that a conventional truck offers.

"Conventional EWP trucks need the diesel engine to remain engaged after reaching the work site in order to operate the bucket.

"So along with being more sustainable, this truck is quieter for our crews and the public nearby, who also have a cleaner environment without the engine running."

The WEL Networks hybrid EWP truck concept includes an electric power pack supplied by the Waimea Group that is a first of its kind with improved performance compared to previous packs, despite being lighter. If the truck is on site for an extended period causing the power pack to run low, the bucket hydraulics can be driven directly from the truck engine.

The truck hit the road this week for a trial and coupled with the 100% electric EWP truck, complements WEL’s electric car fleet and network of 25 electric vehicle chargers in the Waikato. A successful trial will see this technology being retrofitted to other EWP trucks in WEL’s fleet.

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